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Flexgun mini Compact RED



– Small & compact. Fits in the palm of your hand

– 16 hours of battery life on standby

– 5 hours of battery on highest setting 

– 4 speed setting (level1: 1800, level2: 2100 level3: 2500, level4: 3200 Percussions Per Minute)

– Lightweight only weighing 450g

– Smaller than an Iphone 10

– Its powerful and has a deeper stroke targeting deep muscle tissue 


    The Flexgun mini is super lightweight and compact allowing you to ake it with you anywhere on the go. It can fit in a purse, side pocket and gym bag. 

    It’s also very light weighing only 450g making it easy to take it with you anywhere.

    30 day money-back guarantee + 1 year warranty 

    – Compact

    – Lightweight

    – Powerful

    – Quiet

    – Anywhere, Anytime on-the-go treatment

    Flexgun mini massage gun is lightweight, compact and portable. Take this compact percussion therapy machine anywhere and everywhere with you. It’s compact size does not compromise on its 4-speed powerful deep-tisse muscle stimulation treatment.

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