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HEINE mini 3000 LED Fiber Optic Otoscope with Handle and Disposable Tips

SKU: ARHED00870110


HEINE mini 3000 LED Fiber Optic (F.O.) Otoscope with LED Illumination in HEINE Quality HQ

Modern otoscope with maintenance-free LED illumination. No need to ever exchange the LED. Twice as bright as a conventional Xenon Halogen instrument. Compact design in combination with high-quality polycarbonate construction.

  • High-performance-LED
  • Bright and absolutely homogeneous illumination with excellent colour rendering
  • Distal fiber Optic (F.O.) Illumination
  • Reflex-free illumination of tympanum and ear canal
  • LED Thermal management: consistent light output for the whole working life
  • 3x magnification
  • Shockproof
  • Operation time up to 10 hours
  • Attachment clip with integrated on/off switch
  • Includes handle & disposable tips
  • Replaceable batteries. Size AA
  • Optional rechargeable battery with mini NT table charger


Otoscope Mini 3000 LED has been crafted with an all metal frame along with a scratch resistant glass window, which guarantee maintenance-free usage for lifetime. The LED lights virtually have unlimited hours of working life. Exclusive 4.2 x magnification ensures in-depth detailing of anatomical structures and easy recognition of foreign bodies. The large field of view gives adequate overview and perfect orientation during examinations. Multicoated precision optics offer high resolution and distortion-free images.

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