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Mepilex Border Flex 7.5×7.5cm

SKU: ARMOL595211


Mepilex Border Flex is a multipurpose all-in-one dressing with proprietary Flex Technology for improved stay-on-ability and conformability.

Proprietary Flex Technology for improved stay-on-ability and conformability
Flex technology enables 360 degrees stretch, to mirror body movements, distribute the load force evenly and avoid premature detachment
Designed for high fluid handling capacity and can handle a wide range of normal and viscous fluid
Improved exudate management with bacteria trapping properties
Safetac wound contact layer for less pain during dressing changes1
Easy three-part application for more accurate placement and reduced waste
Track and record exudate progress for better dressing-use efficiency
Stays in place better than other foam dressings ‘ up to 7 days*


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