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Nebuliser EOLO CA-MIb



EOLO is a device for aerosoltherapy. Designed for home-care with compact size and carrying bag for easy transport of unit, accessories and medications.

HI-FLO Jet Nebulizer
Adult Masks with elastic strings
Child Masks with elastic strings
Nosepiece (non invasive)
Air Tube
Air Filter
EOLO CA-MI is a piston- compressed nebuliser, which is used in aerosol therapy. Specifically designed for home use, its features have recently been upgraded for non-stop operation in case intensive treatments are required. It comes with an adult and a paediatric nebuliser mask. The Nebuliser is portable and is recommended for atomising antibiotics and bronchodilator drugs. This oil-free piston compressor is very durable and is equipped with a highly efficient jet, which guarantees quick and accurate drug delivery.

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