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Skinman 90 500ml

SKU: ARECO2048382


Skinman 90 contains 90% w/w Ethanol in a water clear solution and is an antiseptic hand rub for surgical hand disinfection.
Skinman 90 is registered with the TGA for use as both a pre-surgical hand rub and hygenic hand rub.
Skinman 90 is a TGA registered surgical rub with a 90 second application, only well designed alcohol based products achieve the superior performance threshold required by EN 12791 which ensures the highest efficacy first time every time.
Skinman 90 achieves > 2 log (99%) reduction in resident skin flora on initial 90 second application as per EN 12791.
Skinman 90 provides sustained microbial reduction under gloves for a period of 3 hours as per EN 12791.
Skinman 90 achieves a > 5 log reduction in transient flora following an initial 20 second application when tested in-vivo as per EN 1500.
WHO and ACORN guidelines recommend the use of alcohol based formulations for pre-operative hand preparation given their superior antimicrobial efficacy.
Reduced application time – A 90 second rub with Skinman 90 complies with the requirements of EN12791. In addition, no rinsing with water is required and no drying of hands is required as the alcohol air dries.
Improved skin compatibility – Alcohol preparations have clearly demonstrated superior skin compatibility, where as Aqueous based (Povidone-Iodine & Clorhexidine) solutions are known to be associated with skin irritation.
Skinman 90 offers a waterless, brush free scrub free which reduces skin abrasions and lowers risk of infectivity with minimal skin reactions on sensative skins.
Skinman 90 supports environmental management initiatives: eliminating the need for scrubbing brushes, rinsing with water or drying hands post application with sterile towel as the alcohol air dries.


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