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Underpads 5 Ply 54 X 40cm S&M Bluey – Folded

SKU: ARAXP10126519


SM Under Pads are made with:

Soft, non-woven layers with a blue waterproof backing to absorb fluids while protecting surfaces.
Cellulose fibers to trap the fluid and a strong, leak-proof polyethylene backing sheet
SM Under Pads are suitable for:

Use in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes and domestic households.
Used on beds, chairs, wheelchairs, vehicle seats where protective coverage is required.
Also ideal for use as a baby change mat.
SM Under Pads are provided:

As bundles of 50 pieces for ease of storage and allowing single hand opening.
For the top layer to absorb the liquid and draws it quickly down to the second and third layers, leaving the surface dryer .
For the four sealed edges to prevent liquids spreading beyond the surface of the pad.


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