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Medisafe Plus Vaccine Fridge G2 381 Litre



The Medisafe vaccine fridge is designed purpose-built for the storage of vaccines. It comes equipped with temperature alarms, wireless data logger and electronic thermostat to ensure that vaccines are kept safely within the required temperatures. This fridge is ideal for easy and stress free storage of vaccines.

  • Australian design
  • Fully commercial construction
  • Superior quality: no domestic fridge components used
  • Highly accurate electronic controls (incorporates a temperature probe and thermostat)
  • Digital Temperature control system pre-configured to hold temperature between 2xC to 8xC (approved QCPP specification)
  • Digital Min/Max temp recorder logger for ease of daily temperature readings
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Adjustable shelves
  • All fridges come standard with an integral lock and key
  • Internal evaporator guard and door fan switch
  • Dedicated national 24 hour technical support and service line ‘ 1800 686 672
  • Able connections to BMS system
  • 2 year warranty


All Medisafe fridges now come fitted with AQ box for automatic data logging and notification of power failure and temperature fluctuations. The first 12 months of subscription are free.


Model Specifications:

Capacity: 381 Litre

Dimensions: 59.5W x 59.5D x 193H cm

Power Consumption: 4.17 kWh/24h

Medisafe Vaccine Fridge G2 381 is mainly designed for the storage of vaccines. It is also integrated with data logger, electronic thermostat, and temperature alarms to make sure that the required temperature for the safety of medicines is maintained. This vaccine fridge is ideal for stress-free and easy storage of vaccines.

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